Mar 25, 2005
you guys are shit

I hate you all because i can do that. Damn i cant belive its almost been a yaer since ive written something.
Now were gonna say a few curse words:
everyone say: Fuck
everyone say: Shit
everyone say: Dick
everyone say: MARKS AN ASSHOLE!
everyone say: Fuck Fuck Shit Fuck

Well enough of that. Fuck you all I'll Show you no boring mother fuckers.
everyone say: we hate mark!

Posted at 11:33 am by HappyNoodleBoy
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May 26, 2004
More sayings

oh, and its spacetrace. I misspelled it

Posted at 06:44 am by HappyNoodleBoy
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May 25, 2004

Watch Trigun! It's a kickass show, as well as inuyasha, wolf's rain, and street fighter......... YAEH

Posted at 06:34 am by HappyNoodleBoy
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ok, tibia kicks ass and all, but also play spacetrece, ITS FUN TOO!!!

Posted at 06:31 am by HappyNoodleBoy
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May 14, 2004
my favorite sayings

I'm a fuck you up
Shut up square
Donald Shut the fuck up

Posted at 10:24 am by HappyNoodleBoy
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wats up

Have u tried tibia yet. if u havn't yet TRY IT NOW. Thank you.

Posted at 10:18 am by HappyNoodleBoy
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Dec 9, 2003
I Lost my splien

well I just got out of intensive care. it seems they took my splien instead of my kidney. So i'm out of a splien laugh at me! GO PLAY TIBIA!!!!!!                                       ( (
                                                                                                ) )
                                                                                               ( (
                                                                                                ) )
                                                                                               ( (
                                                                                                ) )
                                                                                               ( (

Posted at 09:48 am by HappyNoodleBoy
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Dec 2, 2003

Well now. STOP READING MY ENTRIES JEFF OR I WILL BE FORCED TO BEAT U UPSIDE THA HEAD! So how many of u have tried TIBIA? it is a fun game TRY IT NOW!

Posted at 09:55 am by HappyNoodleBoy
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Dec 1, 2003
Welcome to the dark side for it is much brighter

Oh ye who have shrimp much will be given to. I bring you The menue. well that wuz fun. I forgot to take my medicine today so i'm gonna be a bit weird today. I'm schizophrenic. and no you can't have my pie jeff. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I AM THE GREAT JEFF BOW DOWN TO MW NOW!!!!!!

Posted at 09:55 am by HappyNoodleBoy
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hey, its bean a wile but now i'm heere to rite some more. PLAY TIBIA NOW!

Posted at 09:11 am by HappyNoodleBoy
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